Stem cell breakthrough

Wow!! Finally something is happening after all the hype and controversy about stem cells. This woman had her windpipe replaced using her own stem cells:,9171,1860891,00.html

This is really a major breakthrough. Because her stem cells were used on the skeleton of a donar windpipe, her body won’t reject it. No need for all those awful drugs organ transplant patients have to take to stop their body rejecting a donor organ.

I’m sure the drug companies aren’t so happy, but it will be a good few years before this type of procedure is routine so they should have time to come up with something else to sell! However, both patients and insurance companies should be happy about this.

Just think of all the things that could be helped by this – repairing spinal cord injuries by regrowing the damaged nerves – would help with multiple sclerosis too. Maybe Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s too by repairing the damaged brain tissues.

The other interesting point of this article is that the stem cells used were from the patient – her marrow. So no controversy about stem cell lines, etc.

Jan 19th:
News of another stemcell inovation – and by a Scot’s company:

Notice the comment about not being allowed to do this in the US.  I hope there is some good traction from this research and that it leads to more breakthroughs.


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