Netgear Powerline Networking

So I used to have a traditional wireless network in my home – Linksys modem and router – but I always got dead spots – especially in my computer room!

Well, I gave Netgear’s Powerline product a shot and I have to say I think it is great!

You need 2 plugs – one to plug the modem into the power line and one to plug the computer into the powerline. By some magic it manages to send the Internet signals over your power lines, so no need for running new cables.

I have been using this for over 3 years now with no problems what so ever. I did try the wireless extender plug, but I have to say I found that a bit sketchy – stick with the Ethernet plugs. It is fast and reliable and was really easy to set up.

Can’t quite understand why this product isn’t the rave everywhere. What I a waiting for is the option to stream your TV signal over the power lines – then you could watch your DVR recording anywhere in the house.

Oh well, I guess this brilliant little product will remain my little secret… oops!


One response to “Netgear Powerline Networking

  1. not for long…your secrets out now!

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