Tax Season

‘Tis that time of year again when we Americans have to do our taxes. Hmmm, that made it sound like I was born and bred here, I will rephrase it – ’tis that time of year again when all American tax payers must prepare to file their taxes. Just doesn’t have the same zing, but it will do!

The press in general gives a bad name to tax season – doom and gloom and worry and frantic ‘all-nighters’ being pulled. Maybe if you are self-employed that is the case, or maybe if you are doing the company tax forms. For the average person though (with a job!) it isn’t so bad.

I like tax season because I always get a chunk of money back from the government. I know, I know – people are always saying you should change your with-holdings so that you don’t get anything back otherwise its like an interest free loan to the government.

This is very true, but I don’t miss the money since I never receive it and I always look forward to doing my taxes!

I did change the state with-holdings though and I owe the state of Massachusetts a whopping $1 – cost me as much for postage!

PS: You can all send your congratulations for me to pass onto Bailey – he passed puppy graduation last week!!!!


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