Frustrated Genius

Been a very frustrating few days! I have 3 departments I have to track goals and milestones for so I signed up to use this free project management website. It works pretty good – kinda basic, but I didn’t need anything too fancy. I created goals for all the departments and added associated tasks and then finally created the user accounts for them. Mainly the managers will be logging in to update or verify task completions/status. I thought it would be nice to have a view only log in though, so that all members of the teams could see what the goals and tasks are. Also be nice to make sure they feel they are actually doing work that will achieve the goals – nice idea!

Well, the project management website has a log in page and we have a wiki intranet – so create a button on the wiki that would automatically log a viewer into the account. Sounds simple enough – I did it for another website. Sure, real simple!

About pulling my hair out here. I can get the log in working via a form, but the wiki doesn’t let me post a form. So I create a DHTML button on the wiki to do the same thing. Doesn’t work!!! Grrrr – one step forward and 3 back! The wiki makes other things easy, but for options I like to use it makes it really difficult.

I suppose the workaround is to just post the website link and give the viewer name and password. But that would mean me admitting defeat for something that is surely something simple to fix. So instead I can’t fall asleep at night (covered that in another posting!) because I keep figuring out that maybe tweaking this one little setting will make it all work.

Haven’t done much with DHTML before so it is a learning experience. Sort of thing I like to do, but only when I get it working – the in between part is just frustrating! Kind of like when I used to code – it is really annoying when it won’t do what you want it to do, but when it finally does, you feel like a damn genius!

Off to investigate the button code some more now….


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