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Hmmm, I seem to have endless accounts I have created for all these free social media/online backup type sites. I never use them hardly, can’t even remember I have them usually. I think I have close to 6 free 2 gig online storage accounts that I signed up for cause they looked interesting. I don’t really need them though, so they just sit there.

ZooLoo was just sitting there unused too, until they sent me a reminder email. Couldn’t even remember what ZooLoo was to be honest, so I clicked on the link and explored again. I can see this being useful for the student or heavy socially active person, but I have neither time nor energy to be doing more than Twitter and Facebook updates – and the occasional blog posting.

Course, having read that something like 55% of companies block employee social media access, site like this might be a nice workaround. Be on ZooLoo, but really you are also able to access Facebook and Twitter from here. Sure the company dictators will spot this and block it too though!

I just downloaded dropbox app for the iPhone a couple of days ago. I like the premise of being able to sync files from any computer and easy to use. I still will be unlikely to remember about it though. I use Evernote for keeping things synced and TeamViewer to remote desktop into any of my computers.

Ah well, as long as they keep offering free stuff, I will likely keep signing up for it in case I might miss out on something REALLY useful!

Update: I posted this on my ZooLoo account under the blog feature and tweeted out the link. Someone said it came back as a spammy page. So I moved the blog back to good old WordPress – at least this works without me having to figure out what setting I screwed up on ZooLoo!


2 responses to “My ZooLoo blog

  1. Hi Fiona – I’m Aaron and I work at ZooLoo. We saw your blog post today and really appreciate you checking out the site.

    You mentioned your friend said the blog “came back as a spammy page.” Would you mind telling us a little more about what that means? Since we’re still in beta, we’re trying to fix things like that.

    Have a good one

  2. Hi Aaron,
    Well I tweeted as “My blog about all these free services…” and someone said it came back as a spam page. So I clicked on the link yesterday and it looked like it took me to a non-existent page on ZooLoo – said the page had been moved or something.

    I figured maybe I didn’t have permissions set up correctly for the blog, but when I click on the same link today, it works fine! TinyURL or ZooLoo??

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