Movie Theatre Rage…

Sorry, been a tad lazy on blog posting lately. Ah well, you know, weather, activities and oh yeah, that thing called work!

Really, I’m prompted to write this as a rant, the same rant I have after every trip to the movies these days.

Went to see A Christmas Story at IMAX in 3D – very good experience and the 3D was cool. Tonight I went to see 2012 at Showcase. So I went for the special effects. They were good, but the movie was too long and kind of “same old, same old”. Seen a disaster movie once, it was like seeing them all rolled up into one movie.

But that is not what the rant is about – Hollywood would be a really long topic! No, what got my goat tonight were all the darn cellphones. Grrr, can’t you kids turn them off for 2 hours?? The kid in front kept turning his on and texting – nice bright glare in my eye buddy! Kicked his seat a few times – oops.

Then the theatre is only half full and a bunch of teenage girls have to sit right next to me. So then they start talking and the cellphones come out. Ask them if they can turn the cellphones off – “Shut Up”. No really girls, can you just put them away “SHUT UP”. Grrrr where are the old-time ushers?

Maybe that is why the theatre is so empty – people who actually want to see the movie – and be immersed in the whole experience – get peed off by all the ignorant idiots who also go!

I’m pretty sure the kid in front and girl next to me were texting each other – go get some popcorn and leave us be!

What to do? Couple of weeks with real bouncers working in the theatre would have an impact I think. Turn on the cell or cause other distraction and out of the complex you go. Kind of need to deploy a surge tactic with high impact enforcement and visibility for a  month or so and then you could tone it down as people get the idea.

As for too long movies (2012 and Dark Knight) well that means that I just won’t go for the new releases and wait until I can stream it!

Actually, went to Best Buy over the weekend and sat in one of their demo rooms. NICE!! $5000 and you too can get a home movie theatre set up that really kicks butt! That, I think, will be the final answer I go for. Might take a while to get there, but will be so worth it….


One response to “Movie Theatre Rage…

  1. Your last paragraph is exactly what I did. After living in a small townhouse for 7 years, I couldn’t wait to get some big speakers and a giant amplifier for the new house (not from Best Buy!). Never went to the movies again. Now I’m downsizing before the kids tear it apart.

    Saw Christmas Carol at Chunkys and had a great time. Wante to see it in Imax but Chloe wouldn’t stand the glasses.

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