Monthly Archives: October 2010

Backing up contacts to the cloud

I just bought a new Ipod Touch and ran into an issue with contacts. I have a lot on my old Touch and my Ipad, but how to get them onto my new Touch? I was impatient to get going with my new one and my Itunes was at work – I was at home. I suppose I could have backed up the old Touch to Itunes and restored to the new one. Too late for that!

I found a great free tool that let’s me backup the Ipad contacts and restore them to my new Touch. Now I have my contacts on all devices AND backed up to the cloud in case of emergencies! IDriveLite is the free app that does all this. IDrive also gives you free storage for files and photos, but I don’t really need that.

I like easy and free solutions! Now if only there was an app for my Google bookmarks we would all be set!