Cord-cutters unite…

Recently I sold my house and moved to a condo.  Said condo has basic cable only. Moving in there I did manage to get the internet changed from 0.24mbs Verizon to >10mbs Comcast. I wasn’t sure if I could live with just basic cable – which means you have about 7 non-Spanish, viewable channels!

The very thought of being limited like this made me break out in a cold sweat. You have to understand I was leaving a 250+ channel satellite setup with multiple dual tuner HD DVR’s, internet connected HDTV and set top boxes, internet viewable DVR iPad app  option and wicked home theater surround sound gig. I even had a bluetooth connector for my receiver so I could listen to iPad streamed music.

Yes, I was very proud of my geeked out den setup. Having at least 25 hours of recorded TV shows at any time I rarely watched live TV. I was rarely bored with TV because they were all shows I chose to record because I liked them!

How was I going to cope with a move to basic cable? It almost kept me awake at night considering the implications…

Now I have been on basic cable for a month and can’t say I really miss my original setup. I have been trying to figure out why this transition has actually been quite calming. I almost felt bound to watch the shows I had recorded before so that space could be freed up on the DVR for more episodes. Now if I miss an episode – oh well, too bad. It isn’t the end of the world! Who knew.

So I still have Roku with Netflix and I did purchase a subscription to Hulu+ so I can get some ‘DVR like’ functionality for a few shows. The Closer is one of my faves and is not on Hulu+, I can get some recordings on the TNT website or I could buy the episodes from iTunes, but really I have little interest.

Having super fast internet speeds gives me more than enough entertainment on my iPad now. My Kindle app had more money spent on ebooks last month than I normally spend in a year! Sure, I actually have to sit through commercial breaks now but it’s amazing what a high score you can get on Bejewelled in a few minutes!

Before I had Dish Network and I have to say I liked them. Customer service was always good and I didn’t think they were too much of a rip off. I always figured when I bought another house I would resume with Dish or a cable provider again. Now though, I don’t think I will. It almost feels like a great ball and chain has been released from my leg – I don’t have to sit and watch 4 hours of House just to get through the season. A new season of Rizolli and Isles – great, can’t see it but I can buy an episode if I absolutely can’t live without it!

Admittedly, I would not have given up my setup for basic cable if I had not been forced to make a choice. I had expected that after a few weeks I would be so aggravated I would offer to pay the extra money for the ‘real’ TV package!

Course then I surfed over to the Comcast website and started looking at the options. You want HOW MUCH for some channels? Oh, that is just the introductory price. Hmmm, so when the 2 years is up, what will this triple play $99 change to? Oh, a heck of a lot more – right. What if I only need it for a few months – oh that package is available but it will cost more to give you the right to cancel – okay dokey.

Forget it – if I find I am not using Hulu+ much I just click the cancel button and it is gone – no late fees, no cancellation fees, no equipment return fees.

The only show I have a slight pang for is kind of embarrassing to admit. I could have said Criminal Minds, or CSI or even The Closer, but no. The show that makes me wonder how they are doing is …. Operation Repo!


3 responses to “Cord-cutters unite…

  1. Fab can’t wait for your next installment

  2. I don’t think I could survive with only seven non-spanish channels. 😉

  3. But Juan, that is the point. I didn’t think I could either, but it ended being a relief! I could buy the shows on iTunes, but actually having to part with money to watch a TV show makes it not so important after all! Now don’t roll your eyes cause I am being a tight-wad, between Hulu, Netflix and Vudu I am entertained quite happily now. 🙂

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