Amazon is messing with my head!

The holiday season has passed once again and a collective sigh of relief is heard around the Western world! Well, my sigh of relief would have been heard too, but I have been trying to figure Amazon this season. As the, or at least one of the, largest online retailers in the world you would have  the issue I have run into would have been found long ago and resolved by now. Nope, still seems all confusing to me the consumer.

What is this complicated problem I have? Quite simply, I want to purchase items from the UK or US store for delivery in the same UK or US country. Specifically, eBooks  Ah-ha, digital content! Yes, copyrights and blah blah are different between the countries, but that shouldn’t be a problem because I want to by an eBook in the UK Amazon store and gift it to a UK Kindle reader. That would be my Mum, to be precise. She would like to do the same thing for me, but using the US store as I am a US Kindle reader.

It used to work not too bad – my Mum could order things for me through the US store. This Christmas though I gave her a Kindle Fire and so her Amazon account now has a country associated with it. This it would appear is the crux of the problem.

I can’t order eBooks for her and she can’t order them for me – I even emailed Amazon support to see if I was missing some obvious hidden button, but they agreed that it is not possible to do this. The suggestion was to use gift certificates – not as personable, but better than nothing I guess.

So while I was with Mum I sat down at her computer, logged into her Amazon account and ordered a gift certificate for myself – trust me, it is just easier if I do it! All cool, come Christmas day I get the email notification that I have a gift certificate waiting to be redeemed. By now I am back in the US and avidly waiting on my gift certificate so I can order these eBooks that have been on my wish list for a few months now.

Click on the “Click here to redeem” button on the email and wham bam I have got £25 to spend in the UK Amazon store – nooooooo!

I want to buy eBooks and I can’t from the UK store so this is a waste of time. I did contact Amazon support again and they agreed to refund the cardholder (ie Mum) the money. Thanks – thanks for nothing amazon!

I don’t understand why this is such a difficult concept. Mum can order a paper book from the US store and have it delivered to me so why not an eBook? Now I don’t know if I want our and bought one of those prepaid Amazon gift cards that hand at every gas station – would Mum not be able to use it at the UK store?



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