Technology for college

Just last week someone was asking for my help – they need to get a laptop because their kid is off to college this summer. Could I help them pick something out? I went off searching the Sunday paper sale pages – ok, I surfed to the sites weekly deals pages. There wasn’t really much interesting though and as I started looking at different features it struck me I was doing this all  wrong.

I called my friend and had a different suggestion. Sure, I could pick something out, but what we really need to do is sit down with his daughter and figure out what she wants. More specifically, how does she think she will use the tech at college.

What screen size does she want in a laptop? Does she even really want or need a laptop or would a tablet do? Is this something to do homework on in the evening or something that will be going into class with her? What kind of mobile phone does she currently have? Will she need extensive use of a CD/DVD drive, occasional use or is everything in the cloud?These questions will help narrow down what will suit her best – then we can look for deals!

Luckily I think we have every possible combination of screen, tablet or netbook at my house and suggested maybe my friend and his daughter come over and she can take a look at the options and see how they differ in person. If they are really lucky I might even provide dinner!


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