Monthly Archives: June 2014

Using Google Glasses to be social?

I just had a thought as I was driving to work this morning. Usually I have a number of thoughts, but this one made me pay more attention to it!

Later today I have a meeting and I was trying to decide if I should take my netbook in with me or not. On the one hand, it might be useful to access some of the websites we will be talking about. Then again, there will already be one person there with a laptop and we may spend more time talking than looking at a screen.

The major thing putting me off is because I just think it feels rude to plop down opposite someone and then immediately open a laptop which creates a very physical barrier. We are only going to be in an office, not a conference room so it feels even more rude!

And then I had my epiphany – wouldn’t it be so much better if we could all access a display but not have anything blocking us – like if we all had Google Glasses on and could access our own screens without those screens blocking real eye contact the rest of the time!!!!


Hah – I should patent this idea! It just makes so much sense to me though – a room of people around a table who can all be accessing their own work, but not be blocking off the flow of conversation too. Obviously, if you are all going to be looking at the same information then you can display it on a screen for everyone to see, but for those times when you are live updating or testing something this would be much less intrusive.

Thankfully, my big thought did not distract me from driving too much and I made it safely to work 🙂