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My ZooLoo blog

Hmmm, I seem to have endless accounts I have created for all these free social media/online backup type sites. I never use them hardly, can’t even remember I have them usually. I think I have close to 6 free 2 gig online storage accounts that I signed up for cause they looked interesting. I don’t really need them though, so they just sit there.

ZooLoo was just sitting there unused too, until they sent me a reminder email. Couldn’t even remember what ZooLoo was to be honest, so I clicked on the link and explored again. I can see this being useful for the student or heavy socially active person, but I have neither time nor energy to be doing more than Twitter and Facebook updates – and the occasional blog posting.

Course, having read that something like 55% of companies block employee social media access, site like this might be a nice workaround. Be on ZooLoo, but really you are also able to access Facebook and Twitter from here. Sure the company dictators will spot this and block it too though!

I just downloaded dropbox app for the iPhone a couple of days ago. I like the premise of being able to sync files from any computer and easy to use. I still will be unlikely to remember about it though. I use Evernote for keeping things synced and TeamViewer to remote desktop into any of my computers.

Ah well, as long as they keep offering free stuff, I will likely keep signing up for it in case I might miss out on something REALLY useful!

Update: I posted this on my ZooLoo account under the blog feature and tweeted out the link. Someone said it came back as a spammy page. So I moved the blog back to good old WordPress – at least this works without me having to figure out what setting I screwed up on ZooLoo!


Changing Times

I was lying in bed last night, as you do when you are supposed to be falling asleep, and I got to thinking about how almost impossible it was to remember a world before the internet. This did not help the falling asleep process at all! Just thinking about Twitter and how to apply it for business, etc got me amazed at how quickly things have come into our lives that we now take for granted.

I know washing machines and toasters were big inventions in their day, but it wasn’t like there was a mass adoption of these appliances all at once. Looking at the internet – it took a while to catch on, but once someone figured out a decent interface and some applications, it was moving.

Every month there seems to be another social media application that comes out and spreads like wildfire. Can almost be a bit overwhelming to keep up with, but it is also very exciting. I love digging around to see what is new and what it could be used for.

I just figured out you can have twitter automatically fed with your lastest blog posts – part of what prompted me to write this – a test! We had been looking at using a blog for Customer Support to communicate with customers. Now that would be even more valuable because the blog could generate tweets as well. Marketing is meeting with me today to brainstorm about ways to use Twitter for customer generation.

I like that we can use the same tool for both areas of the business. Marketing wants new customers and Support wants to develop the relationship with existing customers. I used to produce a monthly e-newsletter for Support and it got some good feedback. Who better to tell you what they want, than the users!

Blogs and Twitter might just get us to an even closer relationship with the customers – many of whom become the strongest advocates of our products.

So I will continue to surf around and play with the new cool toys just so I can get our business running the best it can!