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Tax Season

‘Tis that time of year again when we Americans have to do our taxes. Hmmm, that made it sound like I was born and bred here, I will rephrase it – ’tis that time of year again when all American tax payers must prepare to file their taxes. Just doesn’t have the same zing, but it will do!

The press in general gives a bad name to tax season – doom and gloom and worry and frantic ‘all-nighters’ being pulled. Maybe if you are self-employed that is the case, or maybe if you are doing the company tax forms. For the average person though (with a job!) it isn’t so bad.

I like tax season because I always get a chunk of money back from the government. I know, I know – people are always saying you should change your with-holdings so that you don’t get anything back otherwise its like an interest free loan to the government.

This is very true, but I don’t miss the money since I never receive it and I always look forward to doing my taxes!

I did change the state with-holdings though and I owe the state of Massachusetts a whopping $1 – cost me as much for postage!

PS: You can all send your congratulations for me to pass onto Bailey – he passed puppy graduation last week!!!!



It really annoys me when I see these commercials on TV where people owed the IRS $3 million, but through some lawyer type they were able to settle for $1 million. They look so smug. Whenever I see them all I can think is well now you conned me out of $2 million. Me being the tax payer, of course. If they owed $3 million they must have earned a heap and so they should have to pay it.

I live in New Hampshire which keeps bleating on about no income tax and no sales tax. Great, but the property taxes kill you! Since I work in Massachusetts I have to pay income tax there and still get whammied by the property taxes in NH. Yes, my fault for being so cheap as to only afford a decent house in NH, I know!

During the recent election, (remember that?), everyone was against anyone in NH who even whispered the prospect of an income tax. I don’t get why they think this is so great. As far as I can see, income tax is the fairest redistribution of money from those who can afford it to those who need it.

Property taxes can unfairly affect the seniors who aren’t earning an increasing wage to cover the increasing taxes. I know they get some kind of break, but I am sure it isn’t that great. So say I buy a house for $50,000 and nobody lives around me. Then 20 years down the road some development grows out towards me and up pop a bunch of McMansions. Now my property taxes go way up because the area is now better, but I haven’t changed. Sure, my property value might have gone up a bit, but I now have a house that is 20 years older. And maybe I am retired now. So how do I afford these nasty taxes?

I think an income tax is a patriotic duty. There, I said it.

I don’t even feel I get much value from my proprty taxes anyway – they seem to all go on schools. What do I care – I have to pay for trash pickup. I have to light my street just so nobody drives into my mailbox! I guess the road plowing is good – they do seem to come around 20 times each snowstorm.

Maybe they should give the tax credit to people who don’t have kids – hah! That would reduce the school population, reduce the carbon footprint, reduce trash and sewage, reduce health insurance. Oh yes, now it is making sense! Don’t see it happening anytime soon though – lol.

Maybe I am alone in my defense of the income tax, but what you don’t really see, you don’t really miss. It comes out of my paycheck before I notice and I just care about the final amount, not the gross amount. As long as the goverment is not wasting it on stupid earmarks and pork barrel spending schemes then I have to assume it is doing some good.

Oh well, that is my rant over for another Monday morning.